The design requirements of high polymer waterproof sheet

June 9, 2020
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Composite membrane has very good bond strength and cement, there is friction coefficient is larger and sand, which is the main features of the design application of structural materials, engineering can be designed into a sandwich, protection type, decoration type, burying type structure.
1 structural bonding way
Membrane and structures of bonding, can use 5% to 20%107 (polyvinyl formal adhesive cement slurry) and build a decent bonding, require full bonding, in order to reduce the temperature change of linear expansion deformation and prevent horizontal permeable reducing waterproof ability; applied to the soil can increase soil cohesion and water. For cast-in-situ concrete structure can be applied to the coil, inside the templates, direct coagulation stick.
2, joint mode
By lap joint way, adhesive with two-component polyether type polyurethane (such as JMY-110) as joint glue, waterproof roof is also available with 20%107 glue cement mixture as joint glue (hereinafter referred to as the cement adhesive). Using the self-adhesive coiled material, throw away the isolation membrane two glue stick to the face. Geotechnical applications can be spliced by heat sealing method.
3, the protection mode
Application of composite membrane is exposed engineering structure, with protective layer to prevent accidental damage and prevention projects check ultraviolet irradiation, prolong the service life.
Protection mode dominated by cement materials, using table A kind of structure during the construction with 20%107 adhesive cement brush 1.0mm; using B structure, using 1:2.5 cement mortar with 20mm thick; using C structure, using 1:1:3 of asbestos, cement, fine sand (volume ratio) slurry wiping 20mm thick; use D structure, the protective layer with 20 * 20 steel mesh or fiber strengthen.
4 sandwich
Application of sandwich structure composite coiled material, the need to prevent compression was sharp object damage, construction should first base leveling, and then glue membrane and casting or masonry structure body of the other side. Construction should be to prevent the pointed convex mixed in sandy soils, and pay attention to heavy uniform.
The 5 way of decoration
Composite membrane used in indoor decoration, need to build body adhesive layer fully solidified in the membrane and later, and then paste the surface layer material, prevent stripping off, at the same time pay attention to the bonding area of the uniform, the bonding area must be greater than 90%.