Waterproof material should beware of recycled materials

December 9, 2020

Why waterproof engineering so short problems? From the waterproof engineering problems is not difficult to find, the problem, this is because the supply of commercial mostly recycled asphalt felt.
A shop is the spring of this year has just been renovated, floating roof also made waterproof engineering. But when autumn comes, found the shop the corner plywood appeared blistering, cracking of the. In this case a look that is water, had experienced a person see a problem, shops after identification of professional personnel concluded, to do the quality of asphalt felt paper not for waterproof engineering.
A waterproof material industry made several years of Master said, there are also many said waterproofing industry. The different qualities of asphalt felt paper price difference is very big, good quality 3 mm thick sheet for the price of 30 yuan per square metre, and cheap is only around 7 yuan per square metre. Waterproof material can produce so much difference, it is because the producers choose recycled materials. The so-called renewable material is composed of waste asphalt felt paper recycling after refining but become. Under normal circumstances, in line with national standards for coil products 5 years does not leak, some high-quality web can be guaranteed 30 years does not leak. If used in the production process of waterproof coiled material recycling of waste asphalt felt paper recycling materials produced, use like an inferior raincoat as life less than a year could no longer be used. Even some new floors appeared waterproof material cannot waterproof, has the very big relations waterproof material selection in this problem.