Waterproof packaging, transportation and storage requirement

April 12, 2022

Waterproofing membrane products should use plastic bags, woven bags or cardboard boxes covered packaging, packaging should have the following signs: manufacturer name, trademark, product name, label, variety, date of manufacture and production shifts, the standard number, quality grade marking, storage and transportation of the notice, the production license number.

Waterproof material storage and custody shall comply with the requirements to be:

1 because of coiled material varieties, properties are very different, but the same appearance, difficult to distinguish

Recognize, therefore asked the coil must be not stacked separately to the varieties, specifications, grade or grade.

Mixed together, in order to avoid the use of quality accidents caused by misuse.

The 2 coil has certain water absorption, but the construction surface is dry, or construction may occur after the drum and poor adhesion phenomenon, it should avoid rain and damp.

3 kinds of coil were primary fire, therefore, not near the fire, in order to avoid the deterioration and cause a fire, especially asphalt waterproof coiled material shall be stored in more than 45 ℃ environment, or prone to volume viscosity phenomenon, affecting the quality of. In addition, the coiled hollow, lateral extrusion, may be compressed, open book is not easy to show tile affixed to the roof, causing the paste is not real, affect the quality of the project. In view of the above reasons, coiled material should be stored in a cool ventilated room, avoid rain and sun and damp, forbidden to fire, storage environment temperature asphalt waterproof coiled material shall not be higher than 45 ℃, coil should be vertical stacking, its height should not exceed two layers, and may not be inclined or horizontal pressure, short distance transport flat and not more than four layer. Long distance open operation, shall be stamped with the tarpaulin.

4 polymer modified asphalt waterproofing materials, synthetic polymer waterproofing materials are polymer materials, are easier to be certain chemical medium and solvent dissolution or corrosion, the coil in the transportation and storage should avoid contact with chemicals and organic solvents and other harmful substances.