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company news about What are the waterproof material? How to choose the waterproof paint?

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What are the waterproof material? How to choose the waterproof paint?

Waterproof coating for its excellent protection performance and get a lot of field's favor. A lot of waterproof coating types in the market, such as polymer waterproof coating, polyurethane waterproof coating and so on. But how to choose the waterproof coating quality, I believe it will be a problem to many consumers. In fact, according to the nature of the market in the sale, waterproof coating can be divided into four types, their performance is different, also have their own advantages and disadvantages.
K11 universal coating: coating the dorsal surface of good waterproof effect, also known as rigid coating: emulsion and mortar ratio, can be used for concrete, brick, concrete block, prefabricated building structure of indoor and outdoor waterproof Engineering (subway, mine, tunnel, elevator well, basement, kitchen, bathroom, bathroom, pool, swimming pool, sewage pool etc.), waterproof function with negative water surface, withstand high hydrostatic pressure, can be in damp area; construction; easy operation, only on-site mixing can be used; good wear resistance, good adhesion, dried can adopt appropriate tile pasting various ceramic tiles; good air permeability; non-toxic, harmless, the greatest advantage is its. The disadvantage is that such coatings with high hardness, easy to deformation and cracking with the cracking of the base, so the general for the back surface of the water.
Flexible coating: cracking also does not affect the waterproof effect, emulsion elastic and mortar ratio, even if the primary deformation and cracking will not affect the waterproof effect. Used for the underground parking lot, tunnels, drainage and water supply pipes, floor, wall and floor rooftop swimming pool, drinking fountain, can be used for the top back surface, if the waterproof not ready, there is water seepage, very easy to wrapped up the seepage. There is a class of flexible coating silica gel waterproof coating, belonging to high-grade flexible coatings, elasticity and flexibility are very good,
Polymer cement based waterproof coating: a high performance building emulsion made specific as the carrier, and with a certain proportion of cement. JS polymer cement based waterproof coating with excellent adhesion, impermeability and crack resistance, durability and resistance to acid and alkali etc. effect, non-toxic, no pollution, convenient construction, has significant environmental benefits, a new generation of environmental protection waterproof material for aerated concrete, hollow bricks, porous materials such as masonry anti leakage and moisture for external wall, kitchen, toilet bath rooms, swimming pool, basement, roof and other buildings waterproof, anti leakage, moistureproof engineering.
Polyurethane: good elasticity and room inside and outside, polyurethane waterproof coating of chemical reaction of polymer waterproof coating. It is composed of isocyanate containing (-NCO) polyurethane prepolymer (group A) and contains many hydroxyl (-OH) mixture solidified body, plasticizer, tackifier, anti mildew agent, diluent and other additives (b) composition. Two component through proportional mixing, after the solidification forming rich overall waterproof glue film elastic waterproof uniform. Cracking any substrate will not make the crack, waterproof effect is the best. Urethane rubbery, very thick, construction require the use of scraper, very laborious, complex. Brush the paint after surface treatment is required, napping or Yang sand to increase the friction, easy tile.
In addition, the drying speed of these coatings are affected by climate, in the drying speed of cold wave climates more slowly, but did not affect the climate to the waterproof effect. In general, paint drying cycle is 24 hours.

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